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Sun Rise Sheds | Premium Pre-Built Sheds: Why Build On-Site When You Don't Have To?
Premium Pre-Built Sheds: Why Build On-Site When You Don't Have To?

August 14, 2020

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Perhaps you've seen shed building kits for sale at your local big box home improvement store and thought they looked like a surprisingly affordable way to get the backyard shed of your dreams. After all, you may have heard that you won't be able to get the options you want in a shed that you don't build yourself.

The fact is, those shed kits typically represent a "too good to be true" scenario for purchasing a storage shed. The price may be right to buy the kit and related materials, but you need to build your shed yourself (or hire someone else to build it) on-site at your home or business.

With that in mind, today's blog post seeks to offer up why you should consider investing in a premium pre-built shed versus building one from a kit - or from scratch with just plans in hand on-site in your yard. Here at Sun Rise Sheds, we're the leader in providing top-quality pre-fabricated sheds for Des Moines and the surrounding area, and we would love to show you why our sheds are better than DIY!

The Best Pre-Built Sheds Are Extremely Customizable

When you've begun shopping for a new backyard shed, it's typically because you're running short on storage space. You probably feel like you just need anywhere to put your things that is not inside your house - or unsecured and unprotected from the elements outdoors. And a shed is the answer!

However, as you continue down the shed shopping path, you will likely encounter feeling as though none of the sheds you're seeing truly check every box on your needs and wants list even though there is a whole universe of shed types and styles available. This fact leads some handy homeowners to try building out sheds themselves to get all of the features they want versus the pre-built shed options they've seen online or at the big box stores.

But, did you know that pre-built sheds designed and constructed by specialty builders like us at Sun Rise Sheds are actually extremely customizable? Among other features you can:

  • Choose between shingled roofs or durable metal roofing
  • Get no-hassle vinyl siding, LP SmartSide™ lap siding, or metal siding
  • Choose between a rainbow of standard color choices - or color match to your home or other outbuildings
  • Select windows and doors that are functional and beautiful
  • Choose to add ramps with a variety of options for better storage of vehicles, mowers, and other wheeled equipment

Premium Pre-Built Sheds Are an Excellent Investment

It's true that typical storage sheds do not add much resale value to a given property. However, premium pre-built sheds that are designed to match your home, have utilities like water and power extended to the building, and are of a substantial size, may make your property more desirable to would-be buyers. By contrast, many cheaper prefab sheds that you can buy from your local home improvement center may actually detract from your property - which could make your HOA unhappy, among other issues.

Regardless of whether you're thinking about the marketability of your property for sale in the near future, premium pre-built sheds like ours are a great investment. Once delivered and assembled, your new shed will provide years of reliable protection for your belongings - and look good doing it!

Save Yourself Some Stress: Get Pre-Built Sheds Delivered

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a pre-built shed over building a shed yourself from a kit or plans is the fact that you'll never have to break a sweat!

Pre-built sheds - whether custom designed or standard - are easily delivered by experienced delivery crews like ours. Even if your site seems like a challenging fit, we can work with you to figure out a way with options like Mule delivery or partial assembly on site.

Shopping for Pre-Built Sheds in Des Moines, IA? Sun Rise Sheds is Your Best Resource!

Instead of searching "pre-built sheds near me" online, if you're in or around Des Moines, you should begin your backyard storage shed shopping with us! Sun Rise Sheds has several locations where you can see examples of our standard shed designs - or talk with us about custom designing your own.

Discover our in-stock sheds for immediate purchase, or get in touch. We're looking forward to helping you buy or design a shed that will delight you with years of reliable protection for your prized possessions!

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