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There's nothing worse than tripping over the threshold of your shed or knocking your shin against the door frame opening. Maybe you store items like lawn mowers or wheelbarrows in your shed. How are you going to get them in and out?

You need ramps! Sun Rise Sheds offer high-quality ramps that are durable, rugged and yet add beauty to your shed. 

Sun Rise Sheds | Steel Ramps


There's nothing worse than a messy shed. You try to get in the door, trip over things trying to get to the back of the shed, or you can't find the item you want when you need it. Maybe you even go buy that item again because you don't want to have to search through all of the mess to find the one you already own.

Don't let your shed get messy! We offer HangThis Up products at our locations or online that will help you keep your shed in a beautifully organized fashion.

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Shed Ramps For
Des Moines Customers

It’s a fact: shed ramps make your life easier. Whether you have mobility issues and need a ramp to access your garden shed safely or store lawn equipment like tractors and mowers in your shed, ramps just make sense. Sun Rise Sheds proudly produces our own line of ramps for sheds right here in Iowa. With aluminum and steel options and various sizes available, we are sure to have the perfect shed ramp for you!

Sun Rise Sheds | Shed Accessories

Types of Ramps for Sheds We Make

You already know that Sun Rise Sheds is your local, trusted source for high-quality sheds and chicken coops. We also manufacture steel and aluminum ramps for sheds, using the same high construction standards and care. This quality guarantee means you get a durable shed ramp that can withstand heavy use. Choose from either aluminum or steel diamond-plated material.

Sun Rise Sheds | Steel Ramps
Steel Shed Ramps

Steel ramps are an excellent choice for your outdoor storage building. They are a tough and resilient option that can withstand heavy use. Sun Rise Sheds coats steel shed ramps with an anti-slip powder coating to help decrease slipperiness when it gets wet. Steel cost less than aluminum but are heavier to move. Therefore, steel ramps for a shed are best if you want a permanent ramp kept outside.

Steel Ramp Specifications and Pricing*
SizeWhat's IncludedPrice w/Local PickupPrice Including Shipping**
4 ft.Two (2) 2×5′ Steel Ramp Sections & One (1) 4′ Bar506.00Call
6 ft.Three (3) 2×5′ Steel Ramp Sections & One (1) 6′ Bar$754.00Call
8 ft.Four (4) 2×5′ Steel Ramp Sections & One (1) 8′ Bar$1002.00Call

All prices are subject to change without notice.
**Shipping is available within the continental US.

Sun Rise Sheds | Ramp Specs

Standard Shed Ramp Specifications

When buying a shed, you will also want a shed ramp that works with the size of the doors you choose. Whether you choose a standard 9-lite or 2-panel door, a wooden double “barn style” door, or a roll-up door, you can find the ramp size and style to match. All our ramps for sheds come with the following standard specifications:

  • Two-foot-wide by five-foot-long sections in either steel or aluminum
  • Diamond-plated material
  • Anti-slip powder coating on steel ramps
  • A ramp bar installed below the shed door to hold the ramps comes in four-foot, six-foot, or eight-foot widths

How to Decide which Type of Ramp is Right for Your Storage Shed

If you’re undecided between aluminum and steel for your shed ramp, we don’t blame you! Both are excellent materials that can withstand heavy use, look beautiful, and will last for years.

Choose aluminum if you want a shed ramp that is easy to move, won’t rust, and grips well. You should know that it is more costly and may scratch more easily than steel.

Choosing a steel ramp for a shed is a durable option that is cost-effective and less likely to warp over time. However, it is a heavy material that is difficult to move, so it’s best to keep it in place once installed.


When deciding on the size of your shed ramp, it’s helpful to match the size of the ramp to the size of your shed doors. For example, if your shed doors are six-foot-wide, a six-foot-wide ramp would be ideal.

Matching the size allows you to take advantage of the entire opening of your shed to move equipment, vehicles, and tools easily without scratching them or hurting yourself in the process.

The experts at Sun Rise Sheds can help you choose the right shed ramp for you. Just contact us to get started!

The HangThis Up product line offers a unique "stud-mount" design that looks great and is easy to install!Their premium devices are predrilled and ship with fasteners.
HangThis Up products make your messy spaces, places you can be proud of!

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