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Sun Rise Sheds | Some Excellent She Shed Ideas For Her Personal Getaway Space At Home
Some Excellent She Shed Ideas For Her Personal Getaway Space At Home

February 9, 2023

Reading Time: 2 Minutes
You are probably familiar with the popular term "man cave," but have you ever heard of a "she shed?" That's right! It's the womans equivalent of a man cave- a shed converted into a personalized space where women can work, relax, or enjoy their craft or hobby.

She sheds have gained popularity in the last five years or so, and women are now taking everyday backyard shed structures and converting them into their own private mini spaces for tranquility, peace, or pursuing their hobbies. Who wouldn't love that? Customizing one's ideal personal she shed has become almost as fun as enjoying the finished product.

At Sunrise Sheds, we have the perfect she shed ideas just waiting for you! Not sure what kind of structure will best fit your she shed needs? Try our shed designer tool!

You can view various shed options in 3D. This is especially helpful when you are trying to visualize just how it will look on your own property.
  • It's interactive. You can play around with all the different shed styles, sizes, siding options and colors, roof colors, doors, and more.
  • You can look at the floor layout plan. Why is this beneficial? If you are planning to use your she shed for a home office or hobby space, you can get an idea of where you'll want to set up your things.

After picking your perfect shed structure, the interior design fun begins! Whether you are planning to use your she shed for a home office, a peaceful retreat, or as a hobby space, it's easy to find design inspiration that you can customize to your liking and achieve the overall aesthetic you desire.

Some things to consider when choosing specifics for your shed interior:

  • Shelving - Many shelving options can help create space in your shed and give your interior a certain vibe. You can choose shelving styles that provide a modern look, or maybe something more rustic if you are going for a country feel.
  • Light fixtures - Much like shelving, there are many light fixture styles out there that can give your shed a certain vibe. Making sure you pick one that matches the rest of your inside dcor will be important for the overall feel of your shed.
  • Furniture - If you are using your space as a home office, yoga studio, sewing room, reading nook, etc., you will want to think about practical yet comfortable and visually appealing furniture to meet your needs.
  • Décor - Decorating the inside of your shed will allow you to add your personal touch. You can choose your color scheme, artwork or pictures, wall accents, etc. These final touches should align with the overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Overall, there are endless options when it comes to designing the exterior and interior of your perfect she shed space. Sun Rise Sheds has over a decade of experience helping our customers choose the right shed to meet their needs, and can help bring all your she shed ideas to life. Contact today to get started on your custom shed design!

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