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Whether you’re raising chickens to provide nutrient-rich eggs for your family or enjoy keeping chickens as pets, you want a chicken coop that can keep your flock safe and comfortable. At Sun Rise Sheds, we offer quality-built chicken coops delivered fully assembled right to your home!

Sun Rise Sheds will take time to ask the right questions and help you find the perfect custom chicken coop. Our chicken coops are built by experienced craftsmen at our facility in Redfield, Iowa, for quality you can count on.

Sun Rise Sheds | Standard Chicken Coops
Standard Chicken Coops

Whether you’re raising chickens to provide nutrient-rich eggs for your family or enjoy keeping chickens as pets, you want a chicken coop that can keep your flock safe and comfortable. At Sun Rise Sheds, we offer quality-built chicken coops delivered fully assembled right to your home!

Sun Rise Sheds | Custom Chicken Coops
Custom Chicken Coops

When you want a chicken coop that’s unique and meets all of your flock’s specific needs, opt for a custom chicken coop. Not only will your roosters and hens be protected from predators, but you can also complement your property and get all the features you’re wishing for. See The Gallery.

Sun Rise Sheds | HenGear Rollout Nesting Boxes | Nesting Boxes For Your Chicken Coops

We are excited to partner with HenGear who have revolutionized the experience for farms, homesteaders, and backyard chicken owners with their rollout nest box.

Need a smaller more portable solution?

We are excited to partner with Egg Cart'n Chicken Tractors. These awesome designs allow anyone who wishes to raise chickens to have a smaller, more portable solution to house and keep their chickens safe. Check out the different Egg Cart'n Chicken Tractor options. Buy online or visit our showroom to see in person.

Ready to get started on your chicken coop?

Chicken Coop Options

You and your flock may have unique needs, and all our sheds and coops are customizable to fit those needs. Our enclosures are perfect for chickens seeking shelter in any kind of weather. We know how important it is to winterize your coop for healthy chickens in the colder months and have proper ventilation in the warmer months, so we’ve designed our chicken homes with those needs in mind. We offer several options when ordering your standard chicken coop to further enhance your chickens’ lives year-round, but contact us for details if you are looking for more customization! We would be happy to discuss more options.

Want your chicken house to match the color of your home or outbuildings? We offer custom paint matching options for our standard LP® SmartSide® siding. Take the worry out of adding a new chicken coop to your home, knowing that we can work to match your outdoor space and align the look of your new enclosure with your preferred aesthetic!


Depending on the size of your flock, you may want to increase ventilation by adding extra windows or vents. Extra vents help to keep air circulating to prevent excess moisture and heat from building up inside your coop. Additional windows give your hens more access to sunlight, which is a crucial component for good egg production.


Our chicken coops come standard with two access doors, but if you worry about the wellbeing of your chickens, consider adding an auto-shut, auto-open chicken door to increase safety and security. Give yourself peace of mind when it comes to your chicken house.

Chicken Run

Chickens love to spend time outdoors! Keep your growing flock safe from predators while they are outside with a modular run system. We offer chicken run systems starting at 5’x5′, but we can work with you to build any size run you need so your chickens have adequate space to roam.

Nesting Boxes

Already have a chicken house you love but need a new nest box? Buy your nest box today.

48″ Reversible Rollaway Nest Box – $312.00 (available for shipping) Shipped nest box will be unassembled.

Chicken Coop FAQs

Proper chicken coop maintenance involves providing a clean place for egg production, as hens can be very fussy about where they lay their eggs. A dirty chicken coop can cause your hens to stop laying eggs or even get sick. Regularly changing bedding and nesting box material is a to-do for your chicken coop cleaning list. You also need to keep your chickens’ water and food supplies clean and fresh daily.

Less frequently, you will need to deep clean your chicken coop by removing everything from the coop and starting fresh. You should remove the bedding, nesting box material, feeders, and waterers. Once you’ve removed everything, it’s time to clean the chicken coop with a disinfectant.

Learn More About Chicken Coop Maintenance

Fencing in your chicken coop is not required, but you need to ensure that your flock is safe from predators. Having a fenced space provides shelter from ground predators, like foxes. When installing your backyard chicken coop’s fencing, you can also extend it underground to ward off any burrowing predators, as well.

Note that fencing in your flock does not protect your chickens from birds of prey, like hawks. Having a roof over the run that protects against larger predatory birds is essential for your flock’s safety. If you live in an area that hosts larger predators, having a guard dog or even an electric fence for added defense is a strong recommendation.

Learn More About Making Your Coop Its Best

To keep your chickens both healthy and happy, there are some chicken coop design considerations you need to know. These are a few basics to get you started with raising backyard chickens!

Nesting Boxes – Chickens like to sleep up off the ground. Typically you’re looking to house between 3-4 chickens per nesting box.

Feed & Water – A clean space for the chickens to get their feed and water is essential. It will still get dirty, but you want a place that won’t get too much filth mixed that is also easy to access for cleaning.

Free Space – Your chickens are going to need at least 3-4 feet of space between them in their chicken runs. If they’re going to spend the majority of their time in the run and not outside, you’ll need to make sure they have enough space.

Heating Lamp – For the colder winter months, your coop will need a heating source to keep the chickens from getting too cold. Usually, a 60-watt lamp will generate enough heat if your coop is insulated and built solid enough.

Ventilation – Proper ventilation helps both your chickens and yourself. The coop needs to let musty air out and fresh air in. Mitigating the smell is just a courtesy for everyone.

Learn More About Raising Chickens

Sun Rise Sheds | Chicken Coops

How Big of a Chicken Coop Do I Need?

The size of your chicken coop is dependent on several factors. When dreaming up your perfect chicken coop, the breed of bird you have, the number of chickens in your flock, and the amount of space you need for laying hens to produce eggs without bullying one another are all considerations to address. Visit our showrooms to speak with one of our experienced team members and get help deciding what size chicken coop would be perfect for your home and flock. We can customize any of our shed models to create the ideal custom chicken coop for you. Our team can also discuss options to improve your new chicken coop’s durability and longevity because we want your chickens’ new home to last as long as possible. Get in touch with Sun Rise Sheds today!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Sun Rise Sheds | Stars

We have bought two chicken coops from sunrise sheds and they are well-built nice coops! The delivery service is also very fast and responsive.

R. Noland

Sun Rise Sheds | Stars

Sunrise sheds did an incredible job with my project. It was an on-site build under adverse conditions and they came through with flying colors! I would recommend them to anyone under any circumstances. I promise you, they will do an amazing job.

D. Rogers

Sun Rise Sheds | Chicken Coops

About Our Standard Chicken Coops

Your chickens are as unique as you are, and they deserve a beautiful home with adequate space, room to roam, and a place to relax—just like the rest of your family. At Sun Rise Sheds, we know each chicken has its own personality and needs, so we designed our chicken coops with you and your flock in mind.

You need a building that makes egg collection easily accessible, so our 8’x8’ chicken coop with a 6’6” inside wall gives your chickens chickens room to move and gives you the space to enter the enclosure when you need to! When the building is easily accessible to you, collecting eggs is much easier.

The size of our standard coop is spacious enough to discourage birds from becoming territorial and fighting, but is small enough that they will not get cold in the winter due to underutilized space. Our standard coops include the following features:

  • 12′ of roost rail
  • Community nesting box
  • Four windows with 1/2″ hardware cloth
  • Access doors for you and your chickens
  • Two 8″x8″ vents

Are you worried that our standard-size coop isn’t large enough for your breed of chickens or the size of your flock? Our expert builders can craft a henhouse that better suits your needs. Just give us a call, and our craftsmen will get started on building a coop that perfectly houses your entire flock.

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