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A new shed is an investment for your property that increases the value and provides you with a storage solution where you need it! Maybe you’re looking for a creative home office that will give you some separation from home life and work life, or simply a place to store your outdoor sports equipment. No matter why you want a shed, Sun Rise Sheds can help.

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Styles of Sheds

Sheds don’t have to be boring or come from a kit at a hardware store. Choose from different siding options, colors, and roof types to customize your shed to your preferences and needs. When you work with Sun Rise Sheds, we can build the shed of your dreams. Our professional artisans carefully handcraft each structure they build, and we are not lacking in any outdoor shed ideas! If you need help deciding what you want, get in touch with us today.

Standard and Custom Chicken

Chicken Coops

Raising chickens can be a fulfilling and joyful activity, and having the proper chicken coop for your flock to live in can make a big difference in their well-being and safety! Working with high-quality materials to build the coop is of the utmost importance to protect your birds from the elements and predators, and that’s why you should trust us to develop your hen house. We only work with high-quality materials at Sun Rise Sheds and build our coops to your flock’s specific needs.

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3D-Designed Sheds

If you have ideas about what you’re looking for in a shed but aren’t sure if it will look good in your yard, our 3D customization tool will come in handy! This incredible feature will allow you to click through and experiment with color, size, door, window, and roofing options, plus much more! All with the added benefit of giving you a live estimate with each change you make to the shed. For a truly customized shed, you can even view the structure’s floor plan you’re designing, so you get the perfect shed for you.

Build a Specialty Shed Designed Just for You

Everyone has a passion, and sometimes those passions need a designated space. Whether you are a person who loves to tinker with cars on the weekends or a gardener at heart, there is a storage shed for the outdoor space you are hoping to occupy. There’s nothing like opening the doors to your well-organized tool shed and finding the exact wrench you need to change your brakes or seeing the first sprouts of your springtime plants bursting through the soil in the small pots inside your potting shed.

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Personalized Sheds

Your shed can directly represent your personality if you want it to be unique! Sheds aren’t just for storage either—transform your personalized shed into an artist studio for painting and drawing or a small personal bar for entertaining guests when they visit for backyard barbecues. You can even make it into a playhouse where your kids toss their outdoor toys after a day of fun in the sun. No matter what you choose to do with your shed, we can design and build the perfect structure to suit your needs.

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Tool Sheds

If you are the type of person who loves to work on machinery, cars, or other mechanical toys, a tool shed may be the addition to the home you’ve been dreaming of having for some time. This type of outdoor shed is excellent for keeping your tinkering supplies out of the garage, especially if you don’t have a lot of room or use the garage walls to store other things, like tables or hoses. A dedicated tool shed keeps your space organized and all your wrenches, bolts, and wire cutters in one place, and keeps the grease and clutter out of your garage.

An image of gardening tools like a hose, mower, and watering can inside a potting shed

Potting Sheds

Gardening is a joy for many people, and a potting shed makes it easier to keep your gardening tools and supplies organized and easy to access. There’s something about working outside that brings out a love of nature, and a potting shed can help you embrace the outdoors and give you a moment to step away from the hot sun. If you’re excited about tending to your plants on a potting bench, working with Sun Rise Sheds to determine the perfect features of your shed is the first step you should take.

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