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What Are The Best Types Of Sheds For Your Property?

February 3, 2020

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Are you in the market for a new shed, but aren't sure which types of sheds would work for your property? We at Sun Rise Sheds can help you narrow down the choices. For almost 10 years, we have been providing excellent customer service and top-quality sheds and chicken coops to customers in the Des Moines, Iowa area. Our experienced team will help you select the best types of sheds for your property and narrow it down to the perfect outdoor storage solution.

Continue reading for information that will help you select the best types of sheds for your property, and ultimately how to pick the perfect backyard shed. Don't forget, if you ever have any questions, visit one of our showrooms or give us a call. We'd be happy to help!

Shed Designs

There are many types of sheds to choose from for your home. Even though they vary based on construction material, style, and function, they often serve the same ultimate goal - an outdoor storage space. Below are some of the most popular types of sheds on the market.


Gambrel or Barn Shed
These sheds are aesthetically pleasing for any outdoor area. Gambrel sheds have a roof style that includes two different slopes to give it an old-fashioned barn look. While not as big as a barn, these mini-barns provide plenty of outdoor storage options. If you are looking for a barn-styled shed that allows for extra overhead storage space, this shed is a match for your property.


Gable Shed
By offering clean lines and ample storage space, the gable shed is an economical choice for a backyard shed. With spacious room for tools and garden equipment, this classic design would make an excellent addition to any backyard area. If you're not looking for a big shed that will require a lot of maintenance, then the Gable shed might be right for you.


Lean-to or Mono-slope Shed
A lean-to or mono-slope shed is going to look the most different from the rest of the sheds on this list. As its name implies, there is only one slope to the roof of this shed. This allows for more head and storage space at one end of the building, while also making sure your shed's roof has protection from heavy weather elements like snow.


Saltbox or Quaker Shed
These shed styles include a longer sloped roof on the back with a shorter overhang roof in the front. Each shed generally includes stylish windows with shutters that create its pleasing aesthetic. Saltbox and Quaker sheds range in overall size, including length and depth. They make a perfect fit for anyone looking for a combination of style and outdoor storage space.


New England Shed
Even though these sheds can vary in size, they are usually larger than some of the other sheds on this list. New England style sheds blend classic architectural elements with clean lines and ample storage. This backyard shed will make a great addition to your property if you are looking for ample space and stylish design.

Common Shed Materials

While many of the sheds in this article often have wooden construction, it isn't the only material for shed buildings. You can use metal, wood, vinyl, plastic, and even fabric as a shed material. However, you need to consider your regional climate, budget, and the shed's purpose when considering how you want to build your storage building.

Each type of shed material has pros and cons that you need to research. However, take out the stress of the research by reaching out to a professional shed builder like us at Sun Rise Sheds. We can help you navigate building materials to find the best types of sheds for your home.

You can use metal as a material to avoid the rot that cheap or improperly installed or maintained wooden sheds can get. Metal is a durable material and can withstand many of the weather's elements. Although, you do have to be careful about rust.

Wood is also a durable shed material. When properly constructed and maintained, a wooden shed can withstand the elements and avoid rot. You also have the option to customize a wooden shed more with paint and additional design elements.

Plastic or Vinyl
Vinyl and plastic are common shed materials because they require less maintenance and can be less costly up front. Vinyl siding is a worthwhile investment if you are looking for an added layer of protection for your shed. And, while there are some sheds constructed entirely from plastic, they often lack any customizing options.

Common Uses for Sheds

The best types of sheds for your property depend on how you plan to use them. You may be looking for a multi-purpose outdoor storage shed, or perhaps even a garden shed or workshop space. However you intend to use your outdoor storage space, make sure you have it planned out before you buy a new shed.

Garden Shed
Are you looking primarily to store garden supplies and tools? If you want a place to store fertilizer, gardening tools, and perhaps even some plants, this is the backyard shed for you. You likely won't need a lot of space, but you will need something durable.

Storage Shed
Depending on what you need to store, such as a lawnmower or outdoor recreation equipment, you may need to think about a bigger storage shed. Storage sheds range in size, so make a list of everything you plan to store and let a professional help you evaluate how much space you may need. Keep in mind your own backyard and how much space you actually have to place a shed.

No room in the house or garage for a workshop? Add an outdoor storage shed that you can turn into a workshop. If this is your goal, you will need an insulated and electrically fitted shed. Always consult a professional before buying a shed you plan to convert into a workshop.

Shed FAQs

A few of our recent blog posts answer some of the most frequently asked questions about sheds. If our post today didn't go over what you had in mind, reach out to us at Sun Rise Sheds.

Should My Shed be Insulated?
We briefly talked about insulation with having your shed double as a workshop. Insulation can get tricky with shed structures, so it is best to consult a professional. Because sometimes insulation can eliminate or lessen ventilation efforts, and your shed needs proper ventilation to avoid mold and other structural damage.

Where Should I Place My Shed?
The best location to place your shed depends on the shed's function and your property. You will need to consider things like drainage, trees, zoning codes, and more to find the best shed location. Read more about shed placement in our recent blog post.

What Type of Maintenance is Involved?
A shed is a significant investment, and therefore, you shouldn't let it go to waste by not maintaining your new backyard storage solution. Even the best types of sheds require maintenance to increase the life of your outdoor storage building. Learn more about our 10 tips for proper shed maintenance.

Ready to Find Out Which Types of Sheds Are Best for Your Property?

There are so many types of sheds for you to choose from, but which one is right for you? That's where we at Sun Rise Sheds come in. Let us help you select the perfect solution for your outdoor storage needs. We'll make sure to ask all of the right questions, including discussing your budget to make sure we find the right fit. Visit our outdoor showroom in Redfield, Iowa, and talk with a member of our skilled team. They will walk you through the shed process and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today for more information!
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