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Sun Rise Sheds | Shed Maintenance: 10 Tips You Need To Know To Increase Your Years Of Use
Shed Maintenance: 10 Tips You Need To Know To Increase Your Years Of Use

January 2, 2019

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Whether you have a shed on your property, or you're considering adding one, regular shed maintenance is the key to increasing the lifespan of your shed. Think of your outdoor storage building as an investment - one that you have to protect by developing a regular maintenance schedule and finding the perfect location for your shed. Read on to learn about the ten most important aspects of shed maintenance you should add to your routine.

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1. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation helps protect not only your shed from damage but can protect you from potential harm. Without adequate ventilation, your shed is at risk for damage from condensation, mold, heat buildup, and mildew. All of these risk factors can damage the structure of your outdoor storage building and decrease the lifespan of your shed.

Also, storing chemicals, gas-powered machinery, or other hazardous materials in your shed can cause fumes to build up over time. This buildup is harmful to anyone working or spending time in your shed.

2. Periodically Inspect for Leaks

Any leak in your shed is bad news. Leaks lead to costly repairs and potentially unrepairable damage. Make a checklist for areas that run a high risk of leaking-damaged roofing or siding, windows and ventilation areas, and even the flooring.

If you do notice a leak during your inspection, it is best to fix it right away and avoid more costly repairs in the future. It is especially important to fix a leak if you see one that is affecting the structure or foundation of your shed. A shed maintenance routine should enable you to spot holes or weakened structural materials.

3. Keep the Perimeter Clear to Prevent Pests and Rot

Part of your shed maintenance routine should include keeping the areas around your storage building free from high grass, brush, and trash. Keep the surrounding areas clear to eliminate places that pests - like bugs and rodents - love to inhabit. It also allows you to keep a close eye on any areas of your shed's foundation that may be weakened by pests, plant overgrowth, or water damage.

As we talked about previously, ventilation is an essential factor in maintaining your storage shed. Keeping the perimeter clear from things like firewood, mulch, and fill dirt will not only help keep pests and rot at bay, it will also encourage better ventilation.

4. Install a Shed Skirt

If your shed sits on blocks or is otherwise elevated above the ground, adding a shed skirt may enhance the look of your shed. A shed skirt will also help keep pests and other animals out of your shed, and prevent them from burrowing or making a home underneath. Be careful, though, when adding a shed skirt. You do not want to cut off any possible ventilation areas beneath your shed.  

5. Periodically Sweep or Vacuum

Just like your home, you want to maintain your shed flooring as part of your shed maintenance and cleaning routine. Regular sweeping and vacuuming will not only keep it clean but will allow you to keep an eye out for any damage. A dirty floor or spilled bag of fertilizer, for instance, may cause you to miss floor damage that could turn into a costly repair.  

6. Avoid Pooling and Standing Water

As we talked about in our recent blog article on the best shed placement, you have to be conscious of areas in your yard where water pools or drainage is poor. Pooling water can ruin the flooring and foundation of your shed - especially when your shed's construction includes wood materials.

Depending on your location, you may also find that pooling water will lead to an influx of mosquitos and other unwanted insects during the warmer months.

7. Secure and Evenly Disperse Heavier Items

Including some location planning in your shed maintenance routine will save you time and potentially money. By strategically placing heavier items evenly throughout your shed, you limit the risk of these heavier items putting too much pressure on any specific area. Planning increases the longevity of your shed's flooring and foundation - ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Securing shelving and having a designated place for your more substantial items will prevent anything from falling or blocking your path. You will save time by knowing where to find each item, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your shelving is secured.

8. Maintain Siding

A shed maintenance plan should always include time to adequately maintain your shed's siding. Start by keeping your siding clean, because the cleaning process will reveal any damaged areas. After cleaning your siding, you should fix any uncovered damage. You may also need to repaint your siding periodically to create a protective seal against the elements.

9. Treating the Floor

The flooring in your shed is susceptible to damage from the elements, chemicals, paint, gasoline, rough use, lawn equipment, and more. While some sheds may have a protective coating already, time can wear that down and leave your wood flooring exposed.

Treat the floor with a coating of paint or other waterproofing treatment to prevent any spills from seeping in and causing damage. A protective coating will also help lessen damage from rough use or lawn equipment. 

10. Check Handles, Locks, and Hinges

Your shed has several moving pieces that need lubrication from time to time. Door handles and doorknobs, locks, and door hinges can rust or freeze up in the winter. Ensure that you can access your storage shed when you need to by including WD-40 as part of your shed maintenance routine. An application of WD-40 can loosen up any stuck or frozen locks and hinges.

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