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Shed Door Options - Which Is Right For You?

January 26, 2023

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Adding a shed to your property can be beneficial for multiple reasons. Not only does it free up space for things like bicycles, mowers, tools, gardening supplies, patio furniture during the off-season, etc., but it can also add value to your home.

If you're thinking about purchasing a shed, you might want to consider all the available options. Customizing your shed with different accessories, like certain roofing types or shed doors, can be important depending on what you're using it for. Whether you're just looking to free up some extra space in your home or garage, planning to use it as a hobby area like a home gym or functional work office, or transforming it into a man cave or she shed, the options for making your project perfect are endless!

Believe it or not, one of the essential accessories you'll need to decide on is the type of door you want on your shed. Different door styles are better suited for different things, so knowing what you want to utilize your shed for is important. Let's explore some of the shed door options that Sunrise Sheds offers to help you find the best-suited type for your shed!

The Different Door Options:

Fiberglass Doors
Fiberglass doors are made to be long-lasting and durable. Over time, they may need repainting, but they won't warp or look worn down. Fiberglass doors are less likely to show signs of decay or rot than other shed door types, like wood. This durability makes them a great option if you want a shed door that will last you for years. While fiberglass doors are made for longevity, they can be a little more costly upfront, which can be a drawback for some buyers.

Our fiberglass doors are available in a few different sizes: we offer a 36"x72" 6-panel door, as well as a 36"x80" 9-lite door (with windows).

Wood Double "Barn Style" Door
The barn-style doors are a great, traditional shed door option! Double wood doors are optimal for anyone using their shed to store larger items, like mowers, mulchers, gardening or landscaping equipment, bicycles, etc. Want to change your shed colors? No problem! Barn doors can be easily painted, making them customizable at any point.

Wooden doors pose some disadvantages, as they are more prone to rot and weathering and will require maintenance over time. They are also more prone to pest issues.

Roll-up Door
Roll-up doors can be an ideal option for shed doors for anyone planning to use their shed for storing items or vehicles. Roll-up shed doors are easy to operate; with the proper installation and spring tension, they roll up and down easily.

Another great thing about roll-up doors is that they're secure once they're rolled up. Other shed door types, like swinging doors, usually need to be manually secured. Roll-up doors are ideal for maneuvering in and out of your shed with larger tools, equipment, or furniture with less hassle.

Compared to other types of shed doors, roll-up doors require less room. For example, swinging doors need extra space in the front back, taking up crucial space for larger things you may be storing, like landscaping equipment.

There are a few drawbacks to choosing a roll-up shed door. They do tend to be heavier than other door options. Another thing to consider is painting. If you would like your door to be a certain color, this is something that should be done prior to installation.

At Sunrise Sheds, we offer white roll-up doors in multiple dimensions. Theyre available in 5'x6', 6'x6', 6'x7', and 8'x7' sizes.

At Sunrise Sheds, we offer a variety of options for your dream shed, from different siding types and colors, window options, roofing options, doors, and ramps. We are here to help you create a shed that is not only functional but long-lasting! With over a decade of experience, our family-owned business is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Please contact us today to help you build your dream shed! For more information on some of our options and styles, please visit us here.

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