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Sun Rise Sheds | How Can You Tell It's Time? The When And Why To Reroof A Damaged Shed
How Can You Tell It's Time? The When And Why To Reroof A Damaged Shed

December 2, 2022

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You're inside your shed, rearranging your storage containers and getting ready for the holiday season when you hear the telltale rumblings of rain in the distance. It starts coming down much more quickly than you'd anticipated, but before you have time to dart across your lawn and back into your house, you notice a small amount of water leaking in and spreading out across the floor.

That's when you remember your spouse mentioned a displaced shingle on the side of the roof a few weeks ago. You wonder, "is it time to reroof the shed?" and then search for something to keep you dry under the rainfall.

While you are getting dry in your home, you can start to think about when and why reroofing a shed will make a difference in your shed's functionality and appearance. At Sun Rise Sheds, we understand that your shed roof's lifespan is affected by many more factors than just age. Here we will discuss what you need to look for in your shed's roof and why it's essential to replace it when it shows you signs that replacement is necessary.


How Can I Tell When it's Time to Reroof A Shed?

Much like your home's roof might need repairs or replacement after it has exceeded its lifespan, your shed roof needs attention as it ages. Some easy-to-spot signs to look out for may indicate your shed roof needs replacing.

  • Leaking - A leak can mean your roof is in trouble. While you can patch some leaks, others require more extensive repairs, and you may only be able to solve them when you replace the shed's roof.
  • Mold - Mold inside your structure can mean your roof leaks where you can't see the leak or plants and moss are growing in between your shingles, letting moisture into your shed.
  • Visible Damage - When you see loose or damaged shingles, rust on a metal roof, rotted wooden rafters, or other visible signs of distress or damage on your roof, it may be time for a replacement.

These signs may pop up slowly over time or happen suddenly because of a storm or other weather event that leaves the roof roughed up in its wake. When you notice these things, it is essential to address them quickly so as not to cause further damage to the roof or ruin the structure's integrity.

Why Is It Important to Invest in Reroofing a Shed?

So, you've noticed damage on your roof shingles or corrosion on your metal roof. Now what? The different parts of a shed have different lifespans, and you can expect that the roof of a shed will last for a shorter period than the rest of the structure because it is the part that protects the rest of the shed from the elements.

Investing in reroofing your shed can extend how long you can use the shed as a whole. In many cases, a new roof can bring the shed back to life and offer a few more years of protection for everything you keep stored inside. Additionally, that new roof will help keep your structure sound. Leaks and exposure to the elements can weaken the shed over time and cause problems, including the eventual collapse of the shed.

When It's Time to Reroof Your Shed, What Should You Consider?

There are some fun aspects to a shed reroof project. When you reroof your shed, there's no reason that you must have the same roof as before. Instead, you can get a bit more creative if you'd like to with your new roof.

  • Type of roofing material - If you had a shingle roof before, a metal shed roof replacement might be the avenue you choose this time. Alternatively, if you previously had a metal roof, you might opt for a shingle roof to refresh the structure's aesthetic.
  • Features to Add - Cupolas or sunroofs are features you can add to your new roof. These features are desirable for more lighting or air circulation within your shed!
  • Time of Year - Reroofing is a much easier project when the weather cooperates. It is challenging to reroof when it's cold and rainy, or snow is coming down. The best time to work on this project is during the spring or summer when warmer, longer days are on the horizon.

There's Only a Little Damage. Can't You Replace the Damaged Parts?

Sometimes, what appears to be a small problem, like a tiny leak or one damaged shingle, might be the symptom of a more significant problem with your shed's roof. It is important to carefully note what issues you see and determine if the issue is more extensive than it appears at first glance.

Unfortunately, some roof damage is actually because of poor or damaged structural integrity, and you should not try to repair it. When your roof or shed shows signs of structural damage, it is crucial to replace the entire structure because you risk your safety otherwise. A shed with structural damage is unstable, and you should not enter in case it collapses.

Is Your Shed Looking a Little Worse for Wear?

Whether you need extensive roof repairs because of structural damage, or your shed has well exceeded its lifespan, in some instances, trying to repair a damaged roof might not be as cost-effective as investing in a new structure. When that happens, a new shed from Sun Rise Sheds might be your best solution! Get in touch with us, and we can help you get a fully customized shed to replace your worn-out structure today.

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