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What Are The Top Three Reasons To Invest In A Ramp For A Shed?

October 4, 2022

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You've just finished mowing the lawn, and you're excited about how beautiful your yard looks, but you are groaning internally at trying to yank your lawn mower back into your shed. It's challenging to get the machinery put away without heaving it around, which can hurt you or damage the equipment if you're not careful. But what if you had a ramp for a shed installed to help you get that equipment into the shed hassle-free?

For many homeowners, a shed is a building on their property that can serve many purposes. From the classic storage solution to a potting or garden shed or even a small building for guests to sleep in when they visit, a shed is a perfect addition to any yard! And adding a ramp for a shed on your property can add curb appeal and functional value. Sun Rise Sheds understands the importance of a ramp, which is why we love talking about why it's essential to invest in one for your structure!

1. Ramps Help Make Storing Vehicles Easier

Do you have many things with wheels to store? Lawn mowers, ATVs, bikes, or even gardening tools like a wheelbarrow are all wheeled equipment that you may have difficulty moving into a storage shed without a ramp. However, you will discover that it's much easier to maneuver those wheeled items into their designated space in the shed with a ramp.

If you have a riding lawn mower, a ramp makes it possible to drive the lawn mower right up into the shed, eliminating the inconvenience of trying to steer it into the shed without power. Additionally, a ramp helps protect the integrity of the wheels on wheeled equipment, meaning you will be less likely to damage the equipment as you're putting it away.

2. Add Convenience and Versatility

Ease of storage for a lawn mower and other vehicles isn't the only reason to have a ramp for a shed! They add to the look of the structure as well. A ramp is an attractive, versatile addition and can make accessing your shed much more convenient.

When you think of a shed ramp, you might only think of a wooden ramp. However, many more options for ramps now exist to best suit your needs. You can even get a lightweight, removable ramp that fits over stairs to allow more flexibility for when you will use the ramp versus when you will use the stairs on your shed. Aluminum ramps are a lightweight yet sturdy choice for a ramp, but ramps come in many different materials to ensure you get exactly what you need.

3. Make Your Building More Accessible for All

Sheds aren't just for storage! Some people use them as small apartments or housing structures for their extended family or guests to stay in while they visit. A ramp makes reaching the entrance of a shed much more accessible for those with different abilities and needs, including people who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

Even if you don't use your shed as an extra room for guests, there's no harm in making your shed easier to get into! Why make something more difficult than it needs to be? If you have knee issues or even a leg injury, a ramp can ensure you will still have access to your shed without causing additional strain to an injury or poorly functioning leg.

This convenience comes in handy when you need to put something into the shed but are having difficulty seeing inside the structure. Think, boxes of holiday decorations in your arms blocking your view, but you can still quickly get into the shed thanks to a ramp!

How Do I Know What Kind of Ramp for a Shed I Need?

If you are wondering how you can determine whether you need a metal ramp for a shed, you can ask yourself a few questions to figure it out. How often will you be using this ramp? If often, you might want a more heavy-duty material for your ramp. Will you be storing many heavy items that are difficult to transport in your shed? Again, this scenario may require a more heavy-duty ramp.

But for a shed that you plan to use infrequently and only to store lighter things without wheels that you can easily move from place to place, you might opt for a ramp made from less heavy-duty materials. If you have questions about how your ramp will work with what you are using your shed for, please contact us today, and we can help!

Are You Ready to Incorporate a Ramp for a Shed?

Whether you are looking for shed ramp ideas for an existing structure, or you are in the market for a new shed, and you want to incorporate shed ramp plans of some kind, we can help. At Sun Rise Sheds, we handcraft fully customized sheds for our customers based on their needs, including a ramp for a shed on your property. When you're ready to add the convenience of a ramp to your structure, get in touch with us to get started!

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