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Sun Rise Sheds | 5 Questions To Ask When Looking For A New Portable Building
5 Questions To Ask When Looking For A New Portable Building

September 9, 2022

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People need all kinds of storage solutions for their belongings and hobbies. While stationary structures are widely popular, sometimes a portable building is what you really need. As the name implies, portable buildings are just that. They are portable! They are mobile for convenience, so you can move them around whenever you'd like. Depending on what you're using your shed for, this can be a highly convenient aspect of owning a shed. For example, some chicken farmers choose portable coops to help the chickens reach new parts of their land for fresh grass and natural fertilizer.

But before you set out to purchase a new portable storage shed, you might have some questions about what works best for your property. The experts at Sun Rise Sheds have been selling and building storage sheds since 2011, so we know a thing or two about these amazingly convenient structures and have encountered plenty of homeowners' questions. Here are some of the most common ones we have experienced in the last 10+ years!

1. Why Do I Need a Portable Shed?

Perhaps you're the type who likes to move things around to keep your home décor from ever looking stale. Or maybe you love the idea of the convenience of a shed and all the things you can do with a portable building. A portable shed is a good addition to your home if either of these things applies to you.

Portable sheds come in various designs and finishes and can be custom-made to your specific needs. Whether you've started a new hobby, need a place to express your creativity, or are excited about adding a flock of chickens to your backyard as a food source, a portable shed can help make those dreams come true. Browsing the portable buildings for sale from Sun Rise Sheds can help you determine how these buildings will fit into your everyday life.

2. Will it Add Value to My Property?

Yes! A storage shed is an excellent way to add value to your property, especially if the other storage options on your property aren't very spacious. If you are in the market to sell your home in the future, adding a portable building to your land is a great way to attract more buyers. One of the requirements many first-time homebuyers demand is room to roam. Adding a place to explore hobbies and be outdoors to enjoy time with family and friends is a great way to add more value to your space.

3. Is it Legal to Add a Storage Shed to My Land?

It is always a good idea to check with your local zoning requirements before purchasing a portable storage shed, as they may require specific placement away from utilities or local roads. Plus, if you live in an area with an active homeowner's association, you'll need to check to see what requirements are required to ensure your new storage shed follows the community's bylaws.

4. Will a Portable Shed Look Good in My Outdoor Space?

Part of what makes a portable shed so appealing to many homeowners, besides the convenience of their mobility, is how customizable they are. At Sun Rise Sheds, we can create the perfect shed for your outdoor space, down to the tiniest detail. Would you rather your shed complement the colors of your home, or do you want something to standout more? Do you want a structure with many windows and space to move around, or are you looking for something smaller? No matter what you want, we can ensure it will fit the look you,re going for and become one of your favorite parts of your outdoor space.

Sun Rise Sheds have a complete line of sheds and portable buildings for sale in stock and can also design and match the outdoor features already in your backyard. If you have recently moved to a new property that you're hoping to spruce up or want to upgrade your current space, we also have a new line of poly outdoor furniture. Our poly furniture comes in various colors, and options can be tailored to match your new shed, making it the perfect add-on to your portable building purchase!

5. How Much Does A Portable Building Cost?

The cost of adding a portable storage building to your property depends on a myriad of factors, including space needed, the purpose of the shed, and your budget. As your shed is fully customizable, you control how many extra features you want to invest in and include with your structure, which will change the overall price.

We will listen to your needs and identify what options are available to help you get the new shed of your dreams within your desired budget. Sun Rise Sheds offers convenient payment options thanks to our financing and rent-to-own partners. Your dream shed is within reach, with a reasonable price, too!

Are You Ready to Add a Portable Shed to Your Property?

Whether you want a portable shed for a more dynamic storage solution or raising chickens and want the ability to let them roam, a portable building is an excellent option. Quality structures are our passion at Sun Rise Sheds, and we want to create the building of your dreams to suit all your needs. Each of our portable buildings for sale is a handcrafted structure built by our expert craftsmen to ensure you get a structure that is built to last.

Contact us today to discuss your dream storage building, and we will start immediately! We can't wait to hear from you.

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