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Three Major Advantages To Having A Steel-Sided Shed

April 15, 2022

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Each year, people accumulate more things than they know what to do with or where to put them. You may need to store sports equipment for a child's new extracurricular activity, gardening tools for a vegetable patch, or a larger, fancier lawnmower than the one you had last year. Many homeowners consider adding a shed as a storage solution for all these extra things they pick up over the years or to have a place to put their outdoor supplies, which is when the fun begins!

Customizing a shed can be an exciting process, but it can also be frustrating if you don't know where to begin. However, before choosing anything else for your shed, you must decide what kind you will want. Will a wood, vinyl, or steel-sided shed suit your needs? Steel-sided sheds are a popular choice for our customers here at Sun Rise Sheds, and for a good reason! Let us show you why so many people love this shed option.

1. Steel-Sided Sheds Are Durable and Affordable

High-quality metals, like steel, are durable materials that can withstand weather conditions like rain, snow, and wind and protect your property at the same time. Wooden sheds can sometimes have issues with warping or rotting that steel-sided sheds do not have. Metal is also resistant to pests, whereas wooden sheds can become a snack for termites if you ignore them.

Choosing a metal storage shed can also mean more years of use when compared to sheds made from other materials. Because of the durability of steel-sided sheds, they tend to last longer than wood or vinyl shed options. Their durability makes steel-sided sheds an attractive choice for chicken coops as well.

Metal buildings are typically more affordable than wooden sheds because they require fewer materials. Of course, this is not always the case, but you can speak with us at Sun Rise Sheds today, and we can talk about the options available for your steel-sided shed and how that will affect the cost versus a wooden shed or vinyl shed option.

2. Customizable and Environmentally Friendly

Size and color are just two options you can customize on your steel-sided shed, and there are many other ways to make it more personalized. You can incorporate storage shelving, doors, or even windows with a metal building. And even if you think there's something you want but aren't sure we can do it, just ask!

Besides being customizable for all your needs, a metal shed is an environmentally friendly option. Metal is recyclable, and in fact, many experts consider it one of the most sustainable metals on earth. So, suppose you have concerns about the materials you are using for your customized shed. In that case, you can rest assured that steel is one of the most environmentally conscious options we have available!

3. Low Maintenance

A primary concern for many people who buy sheds is, "will this shed be difficult to take care of year-round?" With steel-sided sheds, you will find them so low-maintenance that they are virtually maintenance-free. Minus the occasional need to clean off mud or sweep out dust and debris, you can expect that your shed will remain clean and functional with very little intervention on your part.

Despite being incredibly low maintenance in most other capacities, you will still need to regularly inspect the shed for rust and do what you can to prevent rust from occurring. This prevention might mean spraying it with a waterproof coating occasionally or cleaning up puddles that form near your shed so it doesn't get wet.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Owning a Steel-Sided Shed?

While you may feel like a steel-sided shed is perfect for you after reading about the many of the benefits highlighted above, it is also essential to talk about some of the disadvantages of steel sheds to get the complete picture.

  • Paint - While we offer many color options for your steel-sided shed, once painted, it can be more challenging to change the color of a metal shed than it would be to change the color of a wooden shed.
  • Susceptible to Rusting - Metal doesn't rot or grow mold, but unfortunately, it can rust, which may be a significant drawback. Galvanized steel will help prevent rusting, but that doesn't mean you should stop inspecting your structure regularly for signs of rust. Some steel-sided shed owners prevent rusting with a waterproof coating spray applied each year and keep the shed as clean and dry as possible throughout the year. They may also install insulation on the inside to discourage condensation from forming.
  • Visuals - It is a matter of personal taste, but some people find steel-sided sheds much less aesthetically pleasing than vinyl or woodsheds. A metal shed might look out of place if your home has a wooden fence or other features.

If you still feel like a steel-sided shed is suitable for you after reading this list, please feel free to contact us today! We would love to help you design the shed of your dreams.

Are You Ready to Talk About Your Steel-Sided Shed Options?

After you've decided a steel-sided shed is a right choice for you, you need the experts to build the structure you want so you can start making the most of your storage solution. Get in touch with us today at Sun Rise Sheds, and we will be happy to get started on your project right away! Let us help you through the process of choosing all the customizations you want, and you'll have your metal storage shed in your yard in no time.

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