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6 Tips To Help Maximize Your Shed Storage Space

February 23, 2022

Reading Time: 4 Minutes

So, you've purchased a storage shed! Now what? It can be easy for your shed to become a dumping ground for things you don't want to think about if you're not careful, especially if you plan to use your shed more frequently during one part of the year over another. It is crucial to maximize shed storage space and eliminate room for any unnecessary clutter before you fill it up.

For example, if you primarily use your shed in the summer, you may find that you are adding clutter in the winter months because you can or have no other place for those items. Then, in the summer, you must wade through the things you put in there during the winter to get to your sunny day supplies. The inconvenience this causes can make you stop using your shed for its intended purpose entirely over time.

At Sun Rise Sheds, we love helping our customers utilize their space as efficiently and cleanly as possible so they can get years of enjoyment out of their storage shed investment. We have compiled some tips to help you maximize your shed space, so you won't feel overwhelmed by the prospect.

1. What Items Are Necessary?

When you maximize shed space, you may want to determine what you need to have in the shed in the first place. If this is a brand-new shed, decide what you want to keep in there. However, if the shed is already full of clutter, you may want to take everything out and separate the items into piles of like things to be sorted through.

When you maximize shed storage space, sometimes that means getting rid of things that no longer serve you any purpose. These items can be donated or thrown away, depending on their condition. Decide what you are storing in your shed in the future and stick to it.

2. Divide Your Space into Segments

Once you've determined what you're going to keep and what you're going to donate, consider dividing your shed up into storage segments. This division can be helpful if you want a dedicated space for your gardening supplies, but another family member wants to keep athletic gear in the shed as well.

Determine how you access the shed and divide up the floor space based on the entry points. If you have one point of access, think about how to best utilize the space without hindering the movement of the shed door or blocking other parts of the shed you may need to access. You want your storage space to feel organized, not claustrophobic. If you keep the area managed based on location, you will never have to search for anything as it will always have its place.

3. Use Organizational Tools

We cover the organization of your storage space in another blog post, but we will touch on some good options here if you'd like some inspiration.

  • Shelving units
  • Pegboards and hooks
  • Magnetic strips

Each of these can help broaden your storage horizons, as installing any of these can help you utilize your wall space more efficiently. Plus, it looks much nicer to have everything organized right there on the wall for easy reach and visibility. Organizational tools are a great way to accomplish this.

4. Utilize the Ceiling

After you've got your space segmented and you have your pegboards hung and your power tools all in their place, you might think you've run out of things to maximize. However, you haven't looked up yet!

Depending on the size of your shed, you may have enough overhead space to install some shelving or hooks and add even more storage room. This overhead space can be helpful for things you use infrequently or as an extra area for things you want to store but don't want to make an entire space dedicated.

This area is ideal for storing holiday decorations or that gift you don't have the heart to get rid of but don't know what to do with, either. Alternatively, it makes for a great hiding place for gifts you want to give! Just don't get the two mixed up!

5. Have Plastic Totes? Use Them!

Totes are a great way to utilize and maximize shed space, primarily if you have a segmented area where you want to store things. You may have a section dedicated to your gardening, and you keep your extra pots in a tote, or if you are using this space as a tool shed, you can keep your less frequently used tools in a tote.

Plastic totes can also be a great way to keep your shelving more organized. Just label your totes, and you can store quite a bit of stuff in there without your shelving looking like a chaotic, unorganized mess.

6. Remember to Use the Shed for its Intended Purpose

Once you've decluttered and maximized the space inside your shed, remember that you purchased this shed with a purpose in mind! Sticking to that purpose will help you keep the shed organized and space maximized for much longer than if you start thinking of it as an all-purpose storage locker.

If you wanted a potting shed, try to keep your excess clothing out of there, even if leftover space is a bit tempting! When you get lax about what you are storing in your shed, it is easy to turn it into a clutter hub again.

Set up the space for the appropriate organization before you store anything. Allow yourself the room to enjoy your shed, and make sure you keep it neat as you use it, so you don't have to start from scratch again in a few months. In no time at all, messes will accumulate if you let them.

Don't Have A Storage Shed To Organize Yet?

If youve stumbled upon this article and finished it only to realize you dont have a shed at all yet, it may be time for you to get one! Or, if you feel your current shed is too small, maybe its time to get something bigger. When you work with Sun Rise Sheds, our highly skilled craftspeople will handmake a storage shedcustomized to your tastes and needs.

We can help you choose the perfect shed customizations for you, from color to size and everything in between, and then you can decide how to maximize shed storage from there. Get in touch with us today so we can get started on your dream storage solution!

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