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Sun Rise Sheds | What Do I Need To Think About Before Getting A Potting Shed?
What Do I Need To Think About Before Getting A Potting Shed?

October 20, 2021

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There's just something about stepping out into your lovely, lush garden and looking over all the plants you grew. It's easy to enjoy the view, but something is missing on the horizon of this nearly picture-perfect view - a garden potting shed. Having a place where you can keep your tiny sprouts, newly propagated plants, gardening notes, and hand tools is a luxury every home gardener deserves.

Garden sheds are a practical part of gardening, as they give a home to your sprouts and gardening tools alike, but they also add aesthetic appeal to your yard that even prize-winning azaleas cant. Sun Rise Sheds wants to build you the potting shed of your dreams so you can fill it with terra cotta pots, watering cans, and the sprouts of plants yet to bloom. Get pre-approved today for our financing options and get a potting shed just as beautiful as your garden design.

How Are You Using Your Garden Potting Shed?

Visit any home gardener's potting shed, and you will find a space just as unique as the layout of their garden! However, you may find a few garden-shed ideas that are the same across the board. The typical garden potting shed has potting soil, pots, gardening tools, a workstation, notebooks, and one or two gardening books.

Are you hoping for a lot of space for seedlings, or are you more interested in making this a storage space for your gardening supplies? At Sun Rise Sheds, we can help you customize the perfect shed for your gardening needs.

What Do Your Plants Need?

Think about what types of plants you grow and what seedlings you want to start in the shed. When designing your potting shed, this is the most crucial consideration. Plants have individual needs and require different types of attention.

Your plants might do better with more windows, and you might prefer a space with more natural light anyway. Or the opposite of both might be true! You're the gardener, and you know what your plants need most.

Garden potting sheds are perfect for the home gardener because you can tend to seedlings, care for plants that aren't doing well, or propagate new cuttings for future growing seasons inside, away from unpredictable weather outside.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Decide what amount of space you want to dedicate to the structure. Think of your shed as a space designed to make gardening easier for you. As many gardeners already know, storage space for gardening supplies can quickly run out! When planning your garden potting shed, it is essential to inventory your current gardening supplies and figure out how much space you will require.

You can line the walls with hooks to hang hand tools and add storage drawers to your potting table to keep seeds, notebooks, and other accessories you use while gardening. Your larger equipment and potting soil can stay together, allowing for easier access and maneuverability. Remember that empty pots seem to multiply overnight, so think about adding a dedicated space for those, too!

Also, consider if your backyard shed needs to include outdoor storage space for other items, like lawnmowers or household tools. We can customize your shed to the size you need at Sun Rise Sheds, so all your garden-shed concepts can take root right in front of your eyes.

Should You Think About Plumbing?

Having water close by in a garden potting shed can make a big difference in your gardening. You don't necessarily need plumbing, but having a sink to wash off pots, tools, and your hands can help you keep from tracking dirt inside the house. Seedlings also need plenty of water, so you waste less time with a sink instead of running back and forth from your home to the shed. Sun Rise Sheds can be endlessly customized, so creating a space for plumbing installation is an option.

Are You Converting an Existing Shed, or Do You Need a New One?

Whether you are considering buying a new potting shed or converting an existing shed on your property into a gardening shed, you may have some design ideas already. If you convert a current tool or storage shed, having a high-quality one from Sun Rise Sheds will make the process much easier. Gardening potting sheds need to be sturdy to protect seedlings from harsh environments, especially if you are starting seedlings early in their seasons. When they are most vulnerable, you want your shed to offer the most protection.

The focal point of potting sheds traditionally centers around the workbench or potting table. This table is about kitchen counter height, and it is likely where you will do most of your work inside the potting shed. You can make or buy potting benches, but you can also have a shelf installed into your potting shed to act as the table.

Ready To Get a New Garden Potting Shed? Contact Us Today!

Here at Sun Rise Sheds, we have plenty of options to choose from when you are getting ready to add a garden potting shed to your yard. We know how vital space, style, paint colors, and plant needs are when planning how to use your shed. Let our experts help you customize your garden potting shed! Contact us today to discuss how you can get pre-approved for financing and let us help you realize your gardening goals.

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