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Sun Rise Sheds | Steel Or Aluminum: Which Shed Ramp Is The Best One For You?
Steel Or Aluminum: Which Shed Ramp Is The Best One For You?

May 25, 2021

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If you are frustrated with trying to get your lawnmower into your backyard shed without hassle, it's time to consider purchasing a shed ramp. Or, perhaps you searched for "sheds for sale near me" and need a reliable manufacturer who can deliver a shed and ramp to your home for storage space in your backyard.  

Either way, it's time to contact Sun Rise Sheds in Redfield, Iowa, to learn more about the aluminum and steel shed ramps now produced by our in-house professionals! 

The Benefits of Having a Shed Ramp

Shed ramps are an excellent option to add to your search query when a shed owner searches for sheds for "sale near me." Sometimes, like when trying to store a boat in your portable garage or placing a wheelbarrow in your garden shed, having a ramp just makes sense. You won't have to worry about scratching the vehicle or equipment on the shed and possibly damaging it. With a ramp, you can roll the items for storage into it without straining your back. 

Shed ramps are also particularly beneficial for mobility issues. If someone with a wheelchair or walker needs to access the contents inside the shed, a shed ramp can help assist them to retrieve those items safely. Additionally, a shed ramp can help your chickens easily access their coop if you have a backyard chicken coop

Two Available Ramp Options

There are even more benefits to shed ramps, depending on the type of ramp you choose. At Sun Rise Sheds, we offer two options for shed ramps: aluminum ramps and steel ramps. Both materials come in two-foot-wide sections and can be made to be four, six, or eight feet wide.  

They are both made of diamond-plated material, and a ramp bar installed below the shed door holds the ramp in place. Continue reading for more specific information about each type. 

Aluminum Ramps
If you ever searched for "sheds for sale near me" on the internet, you'll find that shed ramps aren't included in most of the search results. When you purchase an aluminum shed ramp from Sun Rise sheds, you will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Lightweight - Easy to store in the shed when not in use 
  • Non-corrosive - No rust! 
  • Little maintenance required 
  • Excellent traction 

However, aluminum shed ramps also come with a few issues that you may want to consider, like: 

  • More expensive than steel 
  • Not as strong as steel 
  • Will scratch more easily 

Aluminum shed ramps are a great option to add to your outdoor storage shed and can withstand heavy use while being easy to move. 

Steel Shed Ramps
The other shed ramp option is a steel shed ramp. Compared to aluminum, steel has some different advantages and disadvantages. Some of the reasons to purchase a steel shed include: 

  • Stronger than aluminum 
  • Less expensive option 
  • Less likely to warp 
  • Tough and resilient 

But, just like aluminum, steel also comes with a few drawbacks: 

  • Too heavy to move 
  • Corrosive - may rust over a long period of time with high use 
  • Slippery when wet 

Sun Rise Sheds coats the steel shed ramps with anti-slip powder coating to help with the last drawback. So if you decide to go for a steel shed ramp, it will make a beautiful and safe addition to your wooden shed. 

Other Types of Shed Ramps

Of course, you may be tempted to build your shed ramp or purchase one from an online or big box store. At Sun Rise Sheds, we discourage either option. If you decided to build your shed ramp for your garden equipment, you have to consider whether you have the time to do it. If you do, do you also have the tools and skills required to make a strong, reliable ramp that can withstand heavy use? 

In addition to time, skills, and tools, the materials needed to make a ramp are a cost. You may also consider hiring someone to build a shed ramp, but you'll also want to be concerned about the cost of that labor plus the cost of the materials. Save yourself the hassle and worry and purchase a shed ramp from a reliable shed manufacturer who has been in the shed business for 10 years, like Sun Rise Sheds in Redfield, Iowa. 

Other Shed Ramp Materials

There are also other shed ramp materials you may want to use instead of aluminum or steel. However, we believe that aluminum and steel are the best materials for shed ramps because they can withstand heavy use, look beautiful, and won't degrade over time. Here are a few issues with the other types: 

  • Wood - Wood is not only rapidly increasing in price, but it also is known to warp and crack over time. Plus, termites and other pests may destroy your wood ramp, making it unsafe. 
  • Rubber - A rubber shed ramp typically comes in a wedge, so you can't adjust it to the level of your shed. In addition, if it's left outside, the weather conditions will quickly degrade it. 
  • Concrete - Concrete takes time to mix, pour, and set. Plus, once you put it in place, it can't be moved. It also gets very slippery when exposed to moisture. 


When You Need to Find "Sheds For Sale Near Me," Look No Further than Sun Rise Sheds!

Whether you need a shed, chicken coop, a shed ramp, or any combination of the three, Sun Rise Sheds is your ideal shed manufacturer. Skilled and experienced craftsman make all the products in-house, ensuring your shed or shed ramp is made stylish and practical.  

Whether you choose an aluminum shed ramp for its lightweight and non-corrosive properties or a steel shed ramp for its value and durability, you know that selecting a shed ramp from Sun Rise Sheds will save you hassle, frustration, and cost. Visit our showroom at 154206 240th Street in Redfield, Iowa, to view all available products to enhance your outdoor shed and purchase a shed ramp.

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