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Sun Rise Sheds | Outdoor Storage Sheds: Ten Tips You Need To Maximize Your Organization
Outdoor Storage Sheds: Ten Tips You Need To Maximize Your Organization

March 29, 2021

Reading Time: 4 Minutes

Do you frequently have to tread carefully across the cluttered floor space of your outdoor storage shed? Has your garden shed turned into a dumping ground for all your miscellaneous lawn tools and equipment? If so, we get it - outdoor storage sheds are handy because you can house many garden tools, home improvement equipment, and landscaping items in a centrally located spot. But these storage spaces are also quick to become cluttered.

If you're tired of stumbling over garden hoses and other equipment that's strewn about your shed, we can help. In today's blog from Sun Rise Sheds, we'll explore ten helpful shed organization tips to help you rid the clutter, maximize your floor and wall space, and quickly find just what you're looking for, transforming your outdoor shed from storage mess into storage success.

1. Install Adjustable Shelving

One easy and effective way to add great organization to your shed is by installing adjustable shelving. Can't fit a larger tool somewhere because a shelf is in the way? Not a problem when you can adjust and move your shelving around! This idea will essentially allow you to create more storage space in your shed by moving shelves to accommodate your ever-changing inventory.

2. Add Floating Shelves

Another great shelving idea to consider is floating shelves. These easy-to-install shelves don't just make better use of all your available wall space, but they'll also make space appear larger. Floating shelves will help you get all of your more oversized items off any table or counter space you have, essentially doubling your working space.

3. Use Free-Standing Metal Shelving

If you enjoy the ability to reorganize your storage space freely and whenever you'd like, then consider putting some free-standing metal shelving units in your shed. These durable shelving units are ideal for storing tubs and bins. If dirt and debris are a concern, these units have grated bottoms to prevent grime from collecting, too!

4. Keep Tools in Plastic Tubs

Whether you're storing cords, cables, hardware, tools, or anything else, storage containers are the way to go. They keep dust from collecting, as well as keep out most moisture and pests. Want to find what you need even faster? Be sure to label the tubs so that you don't have to go rooting around in each one.

5. Store Nails and Screws in Hanging Jars

Every tool shed needs various nails, screws, tacks, and bolts on hand. But these tiny pieces often get lost in the shuffle. Or worse, they wind up on the floor, where you step on them. Luckily for you, there is a great way to keep them in place and off the floor - hanging jar systems. This simple tool shed organization hack keeps nails, screws, and other hardware together in one convenient spot. To create this solution, use two screws to secure a jar lid to the bottom of a shelf, and simply twist the jar on and off for quick access!

6. Use Magnetic Strips for Storing Metal Tools

You've probably seen this solution used for kitchen knives inside your home. Well, this option is a great way to store metal tools in your shed too! Magnetic strips are perfect for tools like trowels and pliers, and they save you from having to rifle through any drawers.

7. Go with Utility Hooks on Walls

Adding some sturdy hooks to your shed walls is a simple way to hang long-handled tools while making good use of your wall space. The more things you can get off the floor or your workspace, the better. In fact, adding in hooks and combining it with our next tip is an even better option.

8. Install a Pegboard Tool Organizer

Speaking of putting things on your wall, adding a pegboard wall to your shed is another easy way to tackle tool storage in your shed. All you have to do is mount the board to your walls, place hooks in the holes, and you're done - easy-peasy. Now you can store tools in one easy-to-access spot!

9. Use Shed Doors for Hanging Storage

If you haven't picked up on the fact we highly recommend wall storage, you probably won't be surprised that shed walls aren't the only way to keep your floors clear of clutter in your space. The backs of your shed doors are another excellent storage place. Just add a few wicker baskets, some storage cubes, or hooks, and you're good to go.

10. Set Up a Slat Wall System

Like a pegboard, but a bit more durable, a slat wall system is ideal for hanging your heavier items. This is a great way to store things such as wheelbarrows, bicycles, weed whackers, and even lawnmowers.

Need a New Shed to Put All of These Tips to Good Use?

Whether you're looking to purchase your first shed or you need to replace your current one, at Sun Rise Sheds, we've got you covered. Our showrooms feature a variety of storage shed styles and design options from which to choose. Additionally, since we manufacture and assemble our sheds, we're knowledgeable in helping you choose the perfect shed for your property.

Learn more about our shed options by visiting our website or stopping by our outdoor showroom in Redfield, Iowa.

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