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Sun Rise Sheds | FAQ: Do You Need A Building Permit For Shed Construction On Your Property?
FAQ: Do You Need A Building Permit For Shed Construction On Your Property?

December 17, 2020

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There are lots of points to consider and questions to ask before you add a new premium pre-built storage shed to your property. Like, should you finance your structure? Is your homeowner's association (HOA) going to make the process difficult for you? Or, will you need a building permit for your shed construction or installation?

In fact, we recently published a blog post covering most of the decision points you'll need to have worked out before you schedule shed delivery. We encourage you to go back and check that out or get in touch with us here at Sun Rise Sheds with your specific questions.

One question we often hear from new shed shoppers is whether they'll need a permit to build a structure, and if so, what are the typical costs associated with permitting.

The short answer? It depends.

Before you purchase your new shed, you'll need to make a phone call or visit your local City Hall or government office to get specific info on building permit fees and rules. The good news is that this is not typically difficult to do. And, if you're building a smaller-sized shed, you may not need to go through a formal permit process at all.

Let's look at the rules for building "accessory structures" - aka a garden shed, storage shed, or another type of shed building - within the City of Des Moines, which is where many of our customers reside.

Permit Rules in Des Moines, Iowa

First, if you're building a storage shed within Des Moines city limits, the best news is that you will not require a building permit so long as the shed building has a floor area smaller than 200 square feet. This information is easy to find on the Building Division's website, or you can even give that office a call with questions.

If you want to build a larger-sized outbuilding, though, you will need to submit a building permit application, pay permit fees, and review your building plan with local officials before you can begin shed construction or schedule delivery. Fees will be based on several factors, but mainly on the value of your new structure.

Your City or Municipalities Rules May Be DifferentCheck With Your Local Government Office

What if you don't live within the boundaries of Des Moines, but in one of our smaller surrounding cities, like Redfield, Granger, Ankeny, or others? Your building permit rules may vary.

You'll always want to check with your local government office for the specific town or city where your property is located before you schedule your shed delivery.

Additionally, don't forget to check with your HOA (if you're subject to the rules of one) to ensure that this group doesn't have their own process you need to go through before adding a shed. Your HOA likely won't charge you fees to build your shed, but they may have a plan review process and rules about aesthetics you shouldn't ignore.

Building Codes Still Need to Be Followed Even If You Don't Need a Permit

Another critical point to remember is that even if you are not subject to obtaining a building permit to add your new storage shed, you will have to follow building codes and property line setback requirements.

Within Des Moines, setback requirements are typically 20 feet in the front, 5 and 10 feet at the sides, and 20 feet at the property's rear. Your HOA may have additional guidelines to follow.

Additionally, if youre in another city or municipality in Iowa, your setback rules may differ based on your property's zoning and other factors.

The good news is that we have installed hundreds of sheds over the years, and we can help ensure that you're adhering to code rules regarding placement, as well as adding utilities like power and plumbing to your shed.

Trust Sun Rise Sheds For Easy Installation and Help With Your Shed Questions!

Here in the Des Moines area, Sun Rise Sheds is one of the most experienced premium storage shed and chicken coop builders you'll find. We know what questions you will likely have going into the purchasing and shed construction process, and we're ready with the right answers - every time.

At Sun Rise Sheds, we mean it when we say that we help you find the shed that works for you! We take the time to understand your needs and recommend the best shed for your situation. We'll also discuss custom options that can enhance your overall experience or improve your new storage building or chicken coop's durability and longevity.

Ready to build your dream backyard structure? Stop by our convenient locations, or get in touch with us today!

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