Quaker Shed

The Quaker Shed: An Attractive, Stylish Addition to Your Backyard

Stylish yet practical, Quaker sheds have a one-foot overhang, two windows, and decorative shutters. Slightly more stylized than other structures, Quaker sheds for sale by Sun Rise Sheds are attractive additions to gardens and backyards.

1587 12 x 16 Quaker

The Quaker Shed’s Standard Features

No matter which shed you choose from Sun Rise Sheds, you can rest assured that all shed styles come with these standard features:

  • Double Top Plate
  • T&G (tongue and groove) Flooring
  • 8’ Wide includes three 4×4 Treated Runners
  • 10’ and Wider includes five 4×4 Treated Runners
  • 24” OC Rafters
  • 16” OC (on center) Studs
  • Gable Vents
  • Metal Roof w/ 40-Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • All-Purpose Use
  • Value You Can Count On
  • Custom Designs for Various Applications 
  • Many More Options Available on Our 3D Shed Designer 

The Quaker Shed’s Special Features

The Quaker is a classically attractive shed, recognizable for its distinguishable traits.

  • Wall height is 6’ back to 7’ front.
  • Optional wall height is 7’ back to 8’ front.  
  • Higher Wall Height Allows for Optional Loft (for additional storage)

See Quaker Sheds in Our Gallery, in Person, or Build Your Own Online

Is the Quaker-style storage shed the one you’ve been looking for? You can be certain when you view Quaker-style shed photos here or check inventory. Would you like to add special features like double doors? Then we suggest trying our online 3D builder.

wood texture

The Quaker is Just One of the Shed Styles Available from Sun Rise Sheds

If the Quaker shed isn’t exactly what you were searching for, we have good news! You have access to an entire line of shed styles, including:

Other Structures are Available, Too

We might have the word SHEDS in our name, but we have far more than sheds to offer. We have lots of ways to improve your backyard, extend the growing season, house your pets or farm animals, and entertain with style, including the following:

Do you have questions about Quaker sheds or other backyard structures? We have a friendly, knowledgeable team member waiting to take your call. You can request a quote or contact us with those questions, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we’re able.

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