Storage Sheds with Our Shed Accessories

We’ve all had that realization that we have too much stuff at one point—whether it be holiday decorations or outdoor equipment. But where do you put it? At Sun Rise Sheds, we’ve got shed options and shed accessories so you can fully customize your new storage solution!

Your Shed and Shed Accessories Options

We at Sun Rise Sheds are proud to offer our customers a variety of sturdy, handcrafted, quality sheds. Our shed accessories and various shed options give us endless combinations to craft you a structure that fits all your storage needs. Click through the links below to look at some of the options available for your customized shed.

shed silo

Shed Styles We Carry

Maybe something practical is on your list, making the Gable Shed or Quaker Shed the obvious choice. Perhaps a Mini Barn or High Wall Barn will lend the country feel that your backyard craves. If you need a larger storage space—or even a workshop—our Portable Garages fit the bill. And when you want something that is all your own, our Custom Sheds will seamlessly blend, adding value and appeal to your property.

It’s time to start seeing all the storage-solution possibilities available to you. Explore our full line of sheds today.

Gable Shed

When you’re looking for a simple storage shed option for sale, a gable shed may be the answer. This no-frills-style shed features clean lines and ample storage space for garden tools, lawn equipment, and much more.

Quaker Shed

Stylish and practical, Quaker sheds feature a 1-foot overhang, two windows, and decorative shutters. Slightly more stylized than our other sheds, a Quaker shed can make for an attractive addition to your backyard or garden.


The studio shed is unique because it’s so versatile. It works wonderfully for storage, as a pool shed, outdoor office shed, or even as a chicken coop—the possibilities can be as endless as your imagination.

Mini Barn

If you love the look of old-fashioned barns, you’ll love our mini barns. The gambrel—or barn-style—shed roof features an eight-foot roof peak for plenty of storage space. This classic design adds rustic style to your yard.

high wall barn

Want to get the most space for your money? This style is perfect. Our high wall barns feature a spacious 10.5-foot roof peak, as well as additional loft space to nearly double your storage capacity. It also features the look of an old-fashioned barn.

portable garage

When a shed doesn’t feel quite big enough, and you need storage for bigger “toys,” portable garages are a good option. Great for an outdoor workshop or hobby area, our portable garages can be endlessly customized for your needs.

Working building shed, demonstrating start to finish

Our Standard Shed Features

Our sheds are stylish, practical, and endlessly customizable, built by experienced craftsmen at our facility in Redfield, Iowa. Even our standard sheds come with various features, so you don’t have to search for that perfect outdoor storage space continuously. Here’s a list of features you’ll get with our standard outdoor shed options:

  • 4 ft. Double Door
  • Double Top Plate Walls
  • 6 ft. 4.5 Inch Wall Height
  • Steel Roofing with 40-Year Warranty
  • LP Smartside Panel Siding
  • Tongue and Groove LP Prostruct Flooring with Smartfinish
  • 16” on Center Stud Spacing
  • And Much More to Make an Unbeatable Value

Options for Customizing Your Shed

At Sun Rise Sheds, we want to build the right shed for you. You won’t have to keep looking at sheds for sale to find that perfect one—because we offer a variety of options to customize a shed for exactly your needs! If you don’t see a shed feature you want, just ask us about it. We can likely remove or add any features to make you a truly custom shed. Keep reading to learn more about what options and shed accessories we have available!

View Our Standard Colors

Custom Colors Available

Want to match the color of your shed to the color of your home or outbuildings? We offer custom paint matching options for our standard LP Smartside Panel Siding.

siding options

Roofing and Siding Options

Making your storage shed your own includes selecting options like roofing and siding.

Our Metal Roofing is the best choice when you want a durable option that will last. A metal roof reflects sunlight, meaning it will help to keep the contents of your shed cool. Owens Corning® Oakridge® Architectural Shingles, your other roofing option, come in four different colors for the warm, inviting look of your choice.

When it comes to siding for your storage shed, you have three options. LP Smart Lap Siding, in 24 colors, looks like wood, but protects against termite and fungal damage with a 50-year product warranty. Vinyl Siding, available in 4 colors, never needs painting, has a Class 1(A) fire rating and lifetime warranty. Finally, our Steel Siding is offered in 24 colors and comes complete with insulation to keep your shed’s interior cooler and free from condensation.

Accessories for Your Shed

When you add accessories to your customized shed, you add to its aesthetic and functionality. We offer a variety of doors, windows, and ramps so you can build a shed that is perfect for your storage needs. Contact us so we can get our expert builders working on your project.

Doors and Windows

Shed accessories such as doors and windows don’t just add to the look of your shed, but they also add to the functionality. The type of doors and windows you need depends on what kind of shed you are building. Double doors, for example, are suitable for storage sheds with large equipment inside. Those same double doors might be a nuisance to someone using their shed as a hobby room. Contact us today to go over what you might need for your project.

Shed and barn door option in green

Door Options Include:

  • 36″x72″ 6 panel
  • 36″x80″ Fiberglass 9-lite
  • 48″ Wood Double “Barn Style”
  • 72″ Wood Double “Barn Style”
  • 5′ x 6′ White Roll-up
  • 6′ x 6′ White Roll-up
  • 6′ x 7′ White Roll-up
  • 8′ x 7′ White Roll-up
Custom shed window

Window Options Include:

  • 18″ x 27″ Brown and White
  • 24″ x 27″ Brown and White
  • 24″ x 36″ Brown and White
  • Shutters 6″ and 9″
  • 1 x 4 Window Trim
  • 24″ Flower Box

Types of Ramps for Sheds We Make

Doors and windows aren’t the only shed accessories we use to help you spruce up your new structure. Whether you have mobility issues and need a ramp to access your garden shed safely or store lawn equipment like tractors and mowers in your shed, ramps just make sense. Sun Rise Sheds proudly produces our own line of ramps for sheds right here in Iowa. With aluminum and steel options and various sizes available, we are sure to have the perfect shed ramp for you!

A black steel ramp provides easy access to a shed with open doors

Steel Shed Ramps

Steel ramps are an excellent choice for your outdoor storage building. They are a tough and resilient option that can withstand heavy use. Sun Rise Sheds coats steel shed ramps with an anti-slip powder coating to help decrease slipperiness when it gets wet. Steel cost less than aluminum but are heavier to move. Therefore, steel ramps for a shed are best if you want a permanent ramp kept outside.

Steel Ramp Packages:
  • 4′ wide x 5′ long Ramp Package
  • 6′ wide x 5′ long Ramp Package
  • 8′ wide x 5′ long Ramp Package
A silver aluminum ramp sits outside a storage shed with closed doors

Aluminum Shed Ramps

Aluminum ramps are a lightweight option for your backyard shed. It’s easy to store these ramps inside the shed when not in use. It’s non-corrosive and provides excellent traction. It’s a bit more expensive than steel and not as strong but requires little upkeep to maintain. It’s a great option that can withstand heavy use while being easy to move when needed.

Aluminum Ramp Packages:
  • 4′ wide x 5′ long Ramp Package
  • 6′ wide x 5′ long Ramp Package
  • 8′ wide x 5′ long Ramp Package

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Sheds for Sale at HWY 141 Outside Granger

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Sheds for Sale at Our Dallas Lot Off HWY 44 & 169

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Sheds for Sale at Our Main Office in Redfield, IA

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