Bring Your Custom Shed Vision to Life

You’ve got a vision for how you want your dream shed to look, and we have the 3D shed design tool to bring that dream to life! We understand how frustrating it can be to describe your shed plans to a designer, only for them to come back with a drawing that doesn’t quite capture what you had in mind. But, if you could design the drawing yourself with our easy, online tool, you can be confident your new shed will be perfect for you. Our online shed design tool brings the design process right into your home, revolutionizing how people design their custom sheds here at Sun Rise Sheds. Stop searching for “custom shed builders near me” and bring your ideas to life right on your computer screen!

What You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Shed!

We Create All Types of Custom Sheds

Metal Roofing

Standard Custom Sheds

Many of our customers come to us with an idea about what they want from their shed, but they are unsure what features they need or what will work best for their yard. We take those ideas, make a draft of what we think the shed will look like, and then tweak it until you are delighted. Because skilled artisans handcraft our sheds, we can customize any aspect, down to the size of the windows and the type of ramp. When you work with us directly, you get a high-quality shed that you wouldn’t get out of a kit from a big box store.

Metal Roofing

3D Designed Sheds

With 3D-designed sheds, you can build a shed with our carefully curated shed options and customize them to your liking. The possibilities are nearly endless! Our newest tool will help take your shed dreams and make them a 3D reality with colors, size, roof shape, and even door placement. With this tool, you will be able to create your custom 3D shed design from several menus pre-loaded with all our available options. You can experiment and get a real vision of what your shed will look like once our expert builders complete it.

Gardening tools storage shed in the house backyard on project blueprint background. 3d illustration

How Do We Create Custom Sheds?

Premium, pre-built custom sheds are not only an investment in your property, but they are also an asset. When your shed matches your home, it makes the whole property more desirable. We can customize our standard custom sheds, so they are compatible with utilities like water and power. The process to get a new custom shed is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Speak with Us. We will talk to you about your ideas and work to get a proposal ready during this phase. Once you’re satisfied with our drafts, we move on to the next step.
  2. We’ll Build Your Custom Shed. Our expert builders work on your shed, customizing it to your specifications and adding all the touches that will make it uniquely yours.
  3. Prepare for Shed Delivery. None of our sheds are kits. When your shed has been custom-built, it will be delivered fully assembled and ready to use after installation. Our skilled builders are experts in their craft, so you know you are getting a premium-quality structure.

How Does the 3D Shed Customization Tool Work?

We’ve always been a company that customizes and builds sheds based on our customer’s needs and wants, but our new 3D shed customization tool will give our customers even more creative freedom! This device is very interactive, but you do not have to be exceptionally tech-savvy to use it.

With a few simple clicks, you will see a custom-built shed form right before your eyes. Navigate through menus and select the different options you want to be displayed on your 3D model. Click on the model and hold it as you drag it around the screen, viewing it from all sides. Change how many windows and doors you want, or look at different colors. Best of all, you can save your design for later or email a link to yourself to pause and start back up with your plan whenever you feel like it!

Various styles of wooden sheds on display

How to Decide What Type of Custom Shed is Right for You?

Choosing which type of custom shed is right for you is dependent on how detailed you want to be with the design of your custom-made shed. With the 3D shed design tool, you can take a more hands-on approach to the creation of your new shed.. Or, with our standard custom sheds, you will interact with us a bit more about the details. Either way, you are involved in the entire process, so choose whichever method feels right for you.

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For Custom Sheds Near You, Contact Sun Rise Sheds!

If you are just as excited about the thought of a new custom shed as we are at the prospect of building one for you, contact us today! We would love to make a shed for you that matches your custom design through a conversation with our friendly staff.

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