Chicken House 25

Perfect housing for up to 25 chickens, our Chicken House 25 contains everything you need to raise healthy chickens in an attractive building that will complement your outdoor decor. Our chicken house can be attached to an optional chicken run for even more versatility.

Standard Features:

  • 6' x 8' size
  • 5 Nesting boxes
  • 16' Perch area
  • 1 Large cleaning door
  • 1 Chicken door
  • 2 Ventilation windows
  • Eave vent
  • Steel panel roof
  • 7/16 LP Smartside Panel Siding (available in 24 colors)
  • 3/4" tongue and groove LP Prostruct floor with Smartfinish

Ready to get started on your chicken coop?

Red lean-to chicken coop

Chicken Coop Options:

Custom Colors

Want to match the paint color of your chicken house to the color of your home or outbuildings? We offer custom paint matching options for our standard LP Smartside Panel Siding.


We can add extra windows or vents to provide increased ventilation for your flock


Add an auto shut, auto open chicken door to keep your flock safe

Chicken Run

Add a modular run system to keep your growing flock safe. Run systems start at 5' x 5', but we can provide any size run you need.

Custom Chicken Coops

Looking for a larger chicken coop or a coop with different options?
We can customize any of our shed models to create the perfect custom chicken coop for you.

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