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What Do You Want to Look For In a Wooden Shed?

a wooden shed, painted gray, on a solid foundation in a grassy yard.

If you are shopping for a shed, you already know there are so many choices, and it can feel overwhelming. However, you’ve decided a wooden shed is your best option, and now you’re wondering what you should look for in…

Mastering the Art of Placing a Shed on a Slope

Shed Built on a Slope

Installing a shed on a slope can be a challenging but rewarding project for any homeowner. A sloped yard can provide a beautiful and unique setting for a shed in many cases, but there are also some practical issues that…

Simple Tips for Preventing Mold in Your Shed

Mold grows on wooden panels.

Many home or property owners choose to add a shed to their premises. Sheds are a great way to free up extra space, and they often even add some appeal to your property. There can be challenges, however, when a…

Shed Door Options- Which is Right for You?

A blue shed that has blue double doors with white details.

Adding a shed to your property can be beneficial for multiple reasons. Not only does it free up space for things like bicycles, mowers, tools, gardening supplies, patio furniture during the off-season, etc., but it can also add value to…

5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Portable Building

An image of a portable building in a picturesque nature scene

People need all kinds of storage solutions for their belongings and hobbies. While stationary structures are widely popular, sometimes a portable building is what you really need. As the name implies, portable buildings are just that—portable! They are mobile for…

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